Natural Science

Blue Earth’s innovations are inspired by nature’s ingenious ways of balancing itself.
Nature has countless intelligent ways to clean, cleanse and solve problems when the balance is disturbed.
Also, the capacity of the earth to support life is so great that the energy potential that nature has within itself is more than man could ever need.

These cleansing, solution-oriented, life-supporting and balancing properties of nature have been intensively researched at ‘Chateau Cortils’, a special place where all Blue Earth’s innovations have been extensively researched and developed into actual products. By working on solution-oriented products in a dedicated atmosphere with a loving passion for the healthy evolution of humanity, applications have been created based on pure hydropower that leave many limitations behind.

Just as nature is free from limitations, so are the innovations of Blue Earth as wel.
Results are unprecedented and never manifested as such before.
By working with a pure intention and a heart for a healthier and more natural earth, the scientific principles are honored.
This creates products, based on natural principles, that assist the restoration of mother earth towards a new and better balance with its inhabitants.