Blue Earth Energy Egg – Small


The energy egg has a Bovis value (life energy ) of around  390.000 Bovis and it works within a radius of 20 meters. That is an extrem high value which is sensed by a lot of people.

The egg is made in a big and small variant.  A real ostrich egg forms the base of the big energy egg and a real duck egg forms the base of the little egg.
The eggs are filled with ‘Blue Earth Elixer’ and are surrounded by a layer of clay. The elixer has had multiple treatments to come to the extreme high Bovis level.
Both the small and big egg are being delivered with a wooden seat stand.

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For the house

For in your living room or workspace we have a big and little variant available.
The little energy egg is suitable to clean and raise the energy in a space, and to help making a space radiaton free .
The big energy egg is suitable for a whole house.

For the energetic effect of the energy egg on agricultural land and fields , we have the Vita Earth, specially made available for earth and water.

Pay attention: Every egg is unique and handmade of natural materials, so colours and forms may vary.

For more information and explanation watch the following video:


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