Blue Earth Purification Package


For a deep cleansing of the body, the Blue Earth Elixir and Curcumin 200 can be taken for a longer period of time to rid the body of harmful substances. The cure contains enough for 4 weeks.

By combining the Curcumin with drinking our Elixir water, we give our body the opportunity to optimally purify and recover.

Take a shot bottle of Curcumin 200  every morning for a month to start the day right and purify the body. In the afternoon it is best to take 125 ml Elixir. This way you help extra to remove the loosened waste material in your body. The Elixir also ensures that your energy is replenished where the curcumin has made room.

The combination of the Blue Earth Elixir and the Curcumin 200 is a great way to detoxify the body.

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The monthly package consists of:

4 x Blue Earth Elixir

An elixir full of life energy, minerals, oxygen and primal power helps to restore the self-healing ability of humans.

4 x week boxes Curcumin water

Curcumin purifies blood, liver and intestines. As a result, your entire body becomes clean and your intestinal flora improves.

In this way, fewer waste products remain in the body and inflammation and pathogens no longer have a chance. Purifying your body brings everything into better balance and boosts your immunity.

Water is the basis for all life and a healthy cell renewal. In this way you not only help your body to remove all waste products, but also to fully recover in full strength!



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