Curcumin Nasal spray


The healing power of special curcumin which is made water available for the body is now also available  in the form of a nose spray. This way it is directly available for the mucous membranes. You can use it when problems occur on the level of nose and sinuses but the spray can also be used to let the curcumin circulate in you fysical system. Through the mucous membranes the curcumin is perfectly absorbed in to the bloodstream.


Completely natural without the addition of chemical additives.

The Curcuspray exists of only 2 things, 1. Curcumin which is made water dissolvable with our special natural treatment and 2. Blue Earth Elixer.
Because of the special curcumin it is 100% absorped in the body.

Curcuma is the well known yellow herb of the roots of the curcuma longa plant. You can find it back in the Indian cuisine and it is traditionally used in the ayurveda, the eastern medicine  on which the western medicine is based.

Curcumin is the active ingredient of the curcumaroot. There is only 5 % curcumin in the curcumama root.



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