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A nice combination of Curcumin honey and Curcuspray. Both work well with colds and to increase the resistance. The water-accessible curcumin is well absorbed by the body so that it can purify and detoxify. The nasal spray is well absorbed by the mucous membranes, in addition, the honey has a soothing effect on the throat and moves to the places in the body where it is needed. Two products that complement each other well. That is why we also like to sell them together as a combination for a good price.


A combination of 450 grams Curcumin honey and a 20 ml Curcuspray. These both work very well for throat and mucous membranes and give our body an extra resistance boost. The basic quality of the substance curcumin is to detoxify and purify the body.

Curcumin Honey The curcumin in our organic honey is naturally made ‘water available’, so that it is fully absorbed into our cells. The honey nourishes and protects the body with minerals and vitamins. Honey also has the property of moving quickly to the places in the body where it is needed.

Curcuspray is a nasal spray that is directly accessible for use on the mucous membranes. Not only for problems in the area of ​​​​the nose and sinuses, the spray can also be used to easily circulate Curcumin in the physical system during the day and on the road. Curcumin can be perfectly absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. The curcumin in our spray has also been made water-accessible for extra good absorption.



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