The water treatment with natural movement and geometry,  the addition of oxygen and the reviving of the water are the base for all products that Blue Earth has to offer. From water-available food supplements to harmonizing products for the environment and the earth.
Blue Earth offers products that lead the evolution towards a cleaner and more vital earth and support for her inhabitants.
Below you can see which products Blue Earth currently has in its product range.



Blue Earth Elixer

An Elixer of Life, full of vital life energy , minerals, natural oxygen and a pure power to recover the self-healing ability of humans, animals and plants. Water is the base of al life and for a healthy cell renewal. The access to healthy and vital water is very important for this. Because of the high potential of Blue Earth Elixer, an intake of 125 ml once or twice a day is enough for the desired result. *Click on the image for more information.


Fytality Curcumin Water

Curcumin water is now available under the name Fytality and can aso be purchased in our webshop! The curcumin is made water-accessible in a natural way. Body-cells absorb this curcumin fully. The curcumin of Fyta is unique when we are talking about making the active ingrediënts of this herb bioavailable. This way humanity can enjoy everything this powerfull herb has to offer for human health. *Click on the image for more information.


Curcumin Honey

Curcumin honey contains a high quality organic honey to which water accessible curcumin has been added. This way the Curcumin can be quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes. It is very suitable for support in the area of the throat, nose and ears, and can also help the lungs to recover. *Click on the image for more information.


Curcumin nasal spray

Certain areas of the body sometimes require a direct contact of anti-oxidants and active substances from the Curcumin. As the honey approaches the mucous membranes through the mouth and throat, the Curcu Spray has been specially developed for the nasal mucous membranes. By making this available in spray form it gives you space and direct relief when needed.
Easy to take along on the road, making it very handy to use.
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Energie Ei Groot 2

Energy Egg

The Energy Egg is a special product of Blue Earth, because it not only exerts a wonderful influence on water, but also on the environment and the earth. Today we are confronted a lot with artificial forms of radiation, which can seriously disrupt our natural energy field. The energy egg offers a particularly powerful and natural energy field by combining the water treatment of Blue Earth with this strong natural geometric shape. The human energy field, our house, the earth, and everything that lives around it will get a recovery at the level where everything starts. By restoring the energetic field, small and big miracles are created in the physical body and matter, in the water and the soil on which we live.
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1x vita earth

Vita Earth

The power of the Energy Egg is now also available for restoring the Earth itself. By placing the Vita Earth in the ground with the energy of the original Energy Egg, the original life force returns to the earth. In this way, exhausted soil revives and areas where plants are struggling or where plant growth is difficult, are getting new life. The Vita Earth is therefore a very important product for taking care of the continuity of life on earth and the ability of the earth to grow healthy plants and to give the earth back the vitality that it originally contains. *Click on the image for more information.

Vita Blue 32

The Vita Blue 32 gives pure power back to the water through natural movements and geometric shapes, as this primal power was present in nature. The Vita Blue 32 has been developed to restore the water's vitality and life-supporting properties, so people can have access again to pure Life spirit. To support health, well-being and the increase of the collective consciousness towards a healthy evolution of the earth. *Click on the image for more information.